Well, it was a good idea to begin with…

What a crazy year it’s been. And what an unproductive year for this particular blog.

As 2014 comes to an end, it’s a good time to reflect on successes, failures and some of the important things that have happened.

Firstly a few failures I need to own up to:

I completely let the fitness slip for various reasons (read excuses).

I spent far too much time working, and not enough time enjoying family life.

I completely forgot about my bucket list, the 2015 goal for completion of half of the items is pretty far fetched now with a time limit of only 2 years (but, I’m not bowing out just yet).

And now a few things I’m incredibly proud of:

My wonderful girlfriend is around one month away from giving birth to our baby girl – this is without doubt my proudest moment to date, a huge motivator and focus for the future and everything that happens from this point onwards is for my family.

I did manage to tick a couple of things off the bucket list – I climbed Ben Nevis earlier this year, I decreased my bodyweight to 92kg (now a lot heavier), cycled 5 miles, earned £1000 in one day, donated blood (hopefully saving a life), inspired others (to give blood & get fitter), taught (partially) a child to read & performed 100 sit ups.

I continued to build my business to a point where it can support our growing family from a desk in our home without having to answer to a boss, all the while decreasing the number of hours I work on average.

Finally, a few hopes for the future:

Now that I’ve got that off my chest – I am able to make a few public declarations.

1) The running starts again NOW – as of tomorrow, I’m restarting the running journey, slowly but steadily building up from 0 to ultra marathon runner.

2) This blog will be used as a way to keep in touch with the world, help inspire others and as a diary – to keep me accountable for my goals.

3) I intend to spend much less time working and more time enjoying family life – with a little one on the way, all my priorities are changing.

I’ll be blogging frequently too – I’d started the year with the best of intentions but never made the time, that’s a habit I do intend to break.

Happy new year, all the best for 2014.