My 2013-2015 bucket list

A short while ago, some life changes got me thinking more about the things I want to do with my life. I always advocate writing goals down so they’re right in front of you – not sitting at the back of your mind as merely ‘wouldn’t it be nice if…’ thoughts.

It hit me that I hadn’t actually written any of my own goals down. In fact, I hadn’t written a list of goals for a very long time. I’m highly motivated and passionate about what I want from life, but I’d lost focus. How can I achieve things, if I’m not constantly reminding myself of the things I want to achieve?

I wrote a list of 130 things I must do before 2015. Some of them are crazy, way beyond the comfort zones of most people – I just think that comfort zones are self imposed restrictions… I dare to reach higher, and I’m not scared of falling on my face because I will get back up.

I’m sure some of these seem ridiculous, if I think rationally about the list, some of them seem ridiculous to me too. But I’m willing to bet that I will achieve or experience at least half of these goals before the end of January 1st 2016.

Here’s my list in no particular order:

  1. Be debt free
  2. Run 5km under 20 minutes
  3. Run 10km under 40 minutes
  4. Run a half marathon
  5. Run a full marathon
  6. Run 50km
  7. Run 50 miles
  8. Run 100 miles
  9. Run 150 miles
  10. Swim 1 mile
  11. Swim 5 miles
  12. Cycle 5 miles
  13. Cycle 10 miles
  14. Cycle 25 miles
  15. Cycle 50 miles
  16. Cycle 100 miles
  17. Help to raise £5,000 for cancer charities
  18. Help to raise £10,000 for cancer charities
  19. Compete in Ironman
  20. Attain a bodyfat percentage of less than 6%
  21. Skydive
  22. Bungee
  23. Earn £1,000 in one day
  24. Earn £5,000 in one day
  25. Earn £10,000 in one day
  26. Earn £50,000 in one day
  27. Be on the cover of a magazine
  28. See the Aurora Borealis
  29. Visit the pyramids
  30. Visit the Coliseum
  31. Save a life
  32. Fly in a hot air balloon
  33. Fly a plane
  34. Fly a helicopter
  35. Release an album of music I’ve written
  36. Go rock climbing
  37. Climb a mountain
  38. Achieve a world record
  39. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  40. Get a degree
  41. Help to build a school
  42. Donate blood
  43. Publish a book
  44. Have my own child
  45. Become a qualified lifeguard
  46. Become a personal trainer
  47. Swim the English Channel
  48. Learn sign language
  49. Learn conversational French
  50. Learn conversational German
  51. Learn conversational Spanish
  52. Learn conversational Chinese
  53. Cliff jump
  54. Ride a motorbike
  55. Do 50 pull ups
  56. Do 100 push ups
  57. Do 100 sit ups
  58. Double my 1 rep max in 5 lifting exercises
  59. Read 100 books and review them
  60. Decrease my working hours to 4 hours a week
  61. Own a gold bar
  62. Achieve £5,000 net worth
  63. Achieve £50,000 net worth
  64. Achieve £500,000 net worth
  65. Achieve £1m net worth
  66. Achieve £5m net worth
  67. Design my ideal home
  68. Build my ideal home
  69. Own my own land
  70. Go to a Wimbledon tennis final
  71. Go to the F1 at Monaco
  72. Go to the F1 at Silverstone
  73. Go to the World Snooker Championships final
  74. Learn, and make 100 recipes
  75. Lean, and make 100 cocktails
  76. Eat at the restaurant under the sea
  77. Eat in the sky
  78. Give £100 to a total stranger
  79. Live abroad for 6 months
  80. Visit all 7 continents
  81. Take up boxing training
  82. Visit a buddhist temple
  83. Sell a website for £10m
  84. Own a Walt Disney film cel
  85. Eat a fish I caught myself
  86. Own a boat
  87. Design a tattoo
  88. Arrange a medieval night at a pub/restaurant
  89. Scuba dive
  90. Inspire 100 people to write their own bucket list
  91. Surf
  92. Take up kickboxing training
  93. Hang glide
  94. Play in a band
  95. Abseil
  96. White water raft
  97. Swim with sharks
  98. Score a bullseye with a bow and arrow
  99. Get my whole family together for Christmas dinner
  100. Inspire someone
  101. Teach someone to read
  102. Teach a child to ride a bike
  103. Visit the Grand Canyon
  104. Drive a super-car
  105. Ride a jet ski
  106. Water ski
  107. Ski
  108. Snowboard
  109. Sell my own painting
  110. Be well known for doing something great
  111. Go zip lining
  112. Go on a cruise
  113. Swim in a waterfall pool
  114. Go to Hogmanay
  115. See a volcano erupting
  116. Go to the opera
  117. See a West End show
  118. Have a tennis lesson
  119. Ride a boat on the Amazon
  120. Build a tree house
  121. See a tornado
  122. Learn to juggle
  123. See the Taj Mahal
  124. Float in the Dead Sea
  125. See a blue whale
  126. Go on safari
  127. Build a roundhouse
  128. Plant a tree
  129. Own a seafront property
  130. Eat exotic meats

Some of the goals are stepping stones to other goals. The financial goals are insane at this point – but, massive goals inspire massive action. Setting limited goals can only stop you pushing harder.

As I achieve each goal, I’ll come back and highlight them – I’ll also mark the completion date on the list above. I’ll be taking pictures or videos along the way for a project I’m planning later on.

If you don’t have your own list of at least 10 things you MUST do in the next 2 years, I think you’re missing a huge opportunity. Think long and hard about what you’d love to do – I’d love to hear from you when you make your own list.