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Mission – “Helping you achieve personal Health, Body and Mind success!”


Hello! I am Mark Raynsford

Age: 45   Location: Milford, Surrey.

My aim is to improve you! Regular improvement, as humans, is what makes us happy and energised. If you’re happy, then I’m happy!

I have invested in myself (and therefore my clients!) heavily over my 16 years in the Health & Fitness industry. I’ve been coached by some of the UK’s/World’s top trainers/coaches, including Phil Richards who has worked with Amir Khan, British & Irish Lions, Leicester Tigers and many top Rugby/Sports people,

Mike Heatlie who is responsible for making Gwen Steffani look how she does!

 Nick Grantham and Duncan French, 2 of the countries top Strength and conditioning coaches, who work with Premier League football clubs, and UK athletes.

I’ve interned with Matt Lovell who worked as the nutritionist for England Rugby, a number of Premier league clubs and UK athletes.

I’ve been coached by Dax Moy, the UK’s most experienced and expensive PT/Coach! – I train and invest with the best, to provide the best possible service both for myself and you!

I have mentored a number of PT’s to assist with expanding both their businesses and Fitness knowledge, showing both my experience, and passion for improving people.

I’ve delivered Corporate Wellness systems, to help staff members improve their Health, Energy and Mindset, in turn helping company productivity and wellness!

I have also run 8 “GymFree” workshops around the country, showing people the most effective way to exercise and eat for health and fat loss, without the need for a gym membership!

Past/current clients range from business people, mum’s and mum to be’s, athletes, TV hosts, and I’ve had regular articles and features in GQ Magazine, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, FHM, Runner’s World, and have appeared on BBC Radio, proving my opinions and methods matter! This is why I AM busy.

Prior to starting Mark Raynsford Personal Training, at the beginning of the millennium, I worked within a local gym. This gave me an insight into how many people ‘hammer the gym’ and wait for the results! Take these few hours a week, versus the hours of poor sleep, stress and food choices, and it really is like trying to crack a rock with a spoon! Motivation, the right Plans, Nutrition, and stress management is THE KEY to fat loss and health. Too many people are sick, tired and unhealthy – this is NOT right!

I have a keen interest in most sports, taking part and watching! I coach my daughters U13 football team, looking to help and improve all ages! Having a young family I understand the importance of time management(!) and how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle for yourself, and as an example to your kids!

Ready to put YOU first and make Body, Health and Energy improvements?!
Mark Raynsford, Basic Author

I hold a Diploma in Personal Training through Premier Training International. I have also invested tens of thousands in my own education and improvement, which I’ll pass on!

I am qualified and have studied in:

  • Personal Training.
  • Dax Moy – MindMap Coaching and Neuroscience
  • Dax Moy – MindMap Mastery Course (1 year long!)
  • Resisted Movement Training – Postural Assessment and correction
  • Dax Moy – Kinetic Chain Assessment and Correction 1 & 2.
  • Nick Gantham & Duncan French – Strength and Conditioning Performance Training
  • Hormonal Profiling, Health and Fatloss Training
  • Kettlebell and Bodyweight Training.
  • Chek Institute Scientific Back Training
  • Chek Institute Gym instruction
  • Special Populations / GP Referral Training.
  • Pre and Post Natal Training.
  • Circuit Training.
  • Nutrition and Sports Nutrition.
  • Swedish Massage.
  • Sports Massage and Therapy/Rehabilition.
  • First Aid.

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