A new beginning…

As always, yesterday I reflected on the successes and failures of the year gone by – and made a fresh commitment to my fitness.

Last night, I weighed and measured – so I can keep a monthly record of body improvements, I also wrote out a mission statement for the year:

“Today I throw away old habits including laziness, procrastination and unhealthy eating – I will measure monthly and work relentlessly to improve my fitness.”

I’ve also written down 3 specific fitness goals for the year:

  • To lose 4 stone by December 31st 2014
  • To compete in Tough Mudder this year
  • To run 26 miles non-stop by December 31st 2014 (organised marathon, or just for fun)

As a way of keeping motivated, I’ll be taking side, front & back photographs, and pasting it inside a food/activity log along with the month’s measurements. Keeping a diary helps me form habits and keeps me accountable to myself.

At the time of writing – I am 18 stone (113.7kg) which is the heaviest I’ve ever been, completely unfit and have a waist measurement of 48 inches.

My complete measurements are:

  • Weight: 18st / 113.7kg
  • Hip: 46in
  • Waist: 48in
  • Chest: 47in
  • Thigh: 23in
  • Calf: 17in
  • Bicep: 15in

So, I took the first steps today – I restarted Couch to 5k training using the “Ease in to 5k” app. At 5am, I woke and dressed – anxious to begin, took a few mouthfuls of water, and headed out of the door at around 5:30am.

The 3 stone I’d put on during my ‘sloth period’ didn’t materialise into the knee punishment I was expecting, this is good news – I suppose all the squats, jump squats and lunges I’d been doing prior to my fitness sabbatical helped there.

The only major weakness at this time is my cardiovascular fitness which will come with time and consistency… at times, during the walk periods of the Couch to 5k training, it felt as though Mariusz Pudzianowski (5 times World’s Strongest Man) was trying to break out of my rib cage with his fists.

But, I made it to the end of C25K day 1 (for the 3rd time) – and I’m on the road again where I belong.