So tired…

Got up this morning for a run, at 4:15am. Today was my girlfriend’s last day of work before starting her maternity leave, and she starts at 6am – so I needed to be out and back before she left for work.

I went to bed at 8pm to make sure I got a full 8 hours sleep, at midnight I woke up wondering if I’d missed my alarm, then again at 1, and 2.

I had planned to go back to sleep for an hour or two afterwards, but ended up soldiering on with work today.

Nice early night for me tonight, ready for another run tomorrow. Apparently the wind has been whipping the sea across the promenade today – should make for an interesting run.

A little bit of momentum…

It feels awesome to be 2 days into the clean eating and running routine, yep, I got out there again this morning for another run. Providing I can get up early enough to run before my girlfriend goes to work, I’ll be out there tomorrow too.

I really do love running, although at the moment I’m nowhere near the level of fitness I was when I climbed Ben Nevis – but I can already feel some improvements. Today’s run was much easier than yesterday’s. If anybody is considering taking up running, I seriously recommend a Couch to 5k plan.

It’s so good to be forming new habits again – this afternoon, I polished off a mushroom and sun-dried tomato omelette with a side of spinach, and as I finished the final mouthful I told a friend how much I enjoy cooking such simple but tasty food. This evening’s meal was roast lamb with roasted vegetables, mushrooms and green beans – another triumph of clean eating and a pleasure to eat too.

It’s amazing how picking up old habits can inspire you so much – now that I’m keeping a log of what I’m eating, I’ve found that I don’t even want to reach out for a chocolate bar or a tube of Pringles.

Now I have momentum on my side, things are looking very positive – I’m looking forward to running, I’m looking forward to meals that I know are doing me good, and I’m not craving any of the foods (or should I say snacks) that tempted me just a few days back. I’m not naive enough to think I’ve formed the habit yet – but I’m stubborn, and I’m on a mission now.

The moral of the story is – if you have a goal of any kind, or want to make a change, just start then keep moving forwards.

A new beginning…

As always, yesterday I reflected on the successes and failures of the year gone by – and made a fresh commitment to my fitness.

Last night, I weighed and measured – so I can keep a monthly record of body improvements, I also wrote out a mission statement for the year:

“Today I throw away old habits including laziness, procrastination and unhealthy eating – I will measure monthly and work relentlessly to improve my fitness.”

I’ve also written down 3 specific fitness goals for the year:

  • To lose 4 stone by December 31st 2014
  • To compete in Tough Mudder this year
  • To run 26 miles non-stop by December 31st 2014 (organised marathon, or just for fun)

As a way of keeping motivated, I’ll be taking side, front & back photographs, and pasting it inside a food/activity log along with the month’s measurements. Keeping a diary helps me form habits and keeps me accountable to myself.

At the time of writing – I am 18 stone (113.7kg) which is the heaviest I’ve ever been, completely unfit and have a waist measurement of 48 inches.

My complete measurements are:

  • Weight: 18st / 113.7kg
  • Hip: 46in
  • Waist: 48in
  • Chest: 47in
  • Thigh: 23in
  • Calf: 17in
  • Bicep: 15in

So, I took the first steps today – I restarted Couch to 5k training using the “Ease in to 5k” app. At 5am, I woke and dressed – anxious to begin, took a few mouthfuls of water, and headed out of the door at around 5:30am.

The 3 stone I’d put on during my ‘sloth period’ didn’t materialise into the knee punishment I was expecting, this is good news – I suppose all the squats, jump squats and lunges I’d been doing prior to my fitness sabbatical helped there.

The only major weakness at this time is my cardiovascular fitness which will come with time and consistency… at times, during the walk periods of the Couch to 5k training, it felt as though Mariusz Pudzianowski (5 times World’s Strongest Man) was trying to break out of my rib cage with his fists.

But, I made it to the end of C25K day 1 (for the 3rd time) – and I’m on the road again where I belong.